Unleash your imagination

The fashion industry is constantly moving, inspired by the creativity of designers. We believe it is inportant to support such creativity and offer our expertise to let imagination become reality. Co-create makes it possible by combining our expertise with your creativity. Resulting in a beautiful product that fulfills your requirements.

Customer RequirementsMatch Specifications & Agree on ConditionsSample Approval & Feedback CustomerProduction & Lab TestShipping to Van HoornQuality Inspection van HoornShipping to Customer

Customer Requirements

Together we determine the specifications of the leather that covers your lining needs and come up with a seasonal forecast.

What we need to determine is the;

- Colour and Gloss
- Preferred Quality
- Technical Requirements
- Estimated Material Forecast

Match Specifications & Agree on Conditions

With specifications being clear and feasible, our leather technicians work their magic to match them. Based on their input and the market situation a commitment concept with the conditions will be presented so everybody is clear about the proceedings.

Sample Approval & Feedback Customer

When conditions are agreed too, a lab sample will be produced and send for your approval. Sample production will take around 4 weeks to the point it will be in your possession.

Production & Lab Test

Production will start with the commitment being signed and takes ±4 weeks. When the products comes out of production it will be visually and physically inspected by our leather technicians before being subjected to chemical testing. 

Well-known International Laboratories test according too strict international standards. Making sure the leather is free from harmful substances and pass your specifications.

When everything is “a go”, goods will be packed and made ready for transport. 

Shipping to Van Hoorn

Our normal transport will take ±4 weeks by sea or 2 weeks by air, before the leather arrives at our warehouse in Waalwijk, the Netherlands.

Quality Inspection van Hoorn

Upon arrival to our warehouse the leather will go through its final inspection.

Shipping to Customer

With all inspections and tests passed we are sure the leather lives up to your requirements. What rests is shipping the leather lining to your production location. Goods will be packed and ready for transport within 24 hours to be delivered anywhere on the planet.

During the Co-create project we will work with you to create a lining that completes your design. Applying our world-class service, leather expertise and sustainable production to your projects shortens your time to market and improves the overall quality. We never approach a project without considering the wider implications, objectives, impact on people, animals and the environment. 

“Lining that just feels right!”


We have very high standards when it comes to our leather. 


Stable leather products

A close cooperation with suppliers to make sure the best techniques and additional chemicals are being used. Resulting in significantly more stable leather products.


Anti-aging testing

Besides standard chrome VI testing, Van Hoorn subjects the products to enhanced anti-aging testing to determine future oxidation from chromium III to chromium VI.


no harmful substances

Testing is being carried out by independent agencies like TÜV, SGS and Intertek according to DIN EN ISO standards which indicate if products are free from harmful substances.



Visual checks are being carried out on arrival and before shipment in order to make sure the colours and textures live up to quality demands set by Van Hoorn.


reach regulations

Testing takes place before shipping at the tanneries and at random arriving at the warehouse. All products are tested according to REACH regulations.


certified ger machine

By using a certified GER machine Van Hoorn is able to guarantee the right dimensions of the skins.

Only The Best Pieces of Leather

With over 80 years of experience in the leather industry, we travel around the world to make sure that we supply high quality leather to satisfied customers around the world. 

The quality of the leather is mostly determined at the start of the supply chain with the animal husbandry. All of our raw skins are a by-product of the food industry and sourced from suppliers that adopt best practice in relation to animal husbandry and welfare.Good animal husbandry will provide clean skins without scars and insect bites, the basis for high quality leather.

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